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Deadly Moss Bods vs Kagraz the Flamebender
Uploaded by Javier Lopez on 2015-04-19.
JavsiamQuick demo of some weakauras I'm using for my hunter...
Elmer Dungeon WeakAuras
Uploaded by Javier Lopez on 2015-03-16.
Normal+Heroic Flamebender Ka'graz Raid Guide
A Vox Immortalis Commentary Guide to the Normal & Heroic dif...
Heroic/Normal Flamebender Ka'graz Guide - Blackrock Foundry ...
Thanks for checking out my guide on Flamebender Ka'graz. Don...
WoD Raid Basics: Flamebender Ka'Graz | Two Minute Tips
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6.1 Hunter Guide! Max DPS for BRF!
Turns out if Beast Mastery isn't your thing, you're not goin...
JavsiamInteresting Article...
Officers' Quarters: Raiding in Warlords
Officers' Quarters has returned! Thank you all for your overwhelming support of the new site. It has allowed me to bring this column back. Many of you have been asking about it on ...
Garrison: Complete Guide (WoD 6.0.3)
A complete Garrison guide, with guides for all buildings, for professions, and for follower missions..
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